Solar Water Heaters for Eco-Friendly Homeowners

Solar Water Heater: A Green Answer for Your Hot Water Needs

During a time where supportability and natural worries are extremely important to us, embracing eco-accommodating innovations has never been more vital. One of the most imaginative and effective answers for diminish your carbon impression and lower your service bills is the solar water heater.

What Is a Solar Water Heater?

A solar water heater is a gadget that saddles the force of the sun to warm water for private or business use. It comprises of solar gatherers, an intensity move framework, and a storage tank. These parts work as one to give you hot water, all while altogether diminishing your energy utilization.

How Does a Solar Water Heater Function?

The interaction is straightforward yet successful. Solar gatherers, frequently introduced on the rooftop or an open region with greatest sun openness, retain daylight and convert it into heat. This intensity is then moved to a fluid (regularly water or an intensity move liquid) that courses through the framework. The warmed fluid is then used to warm the water in a storage tank, preparing it for your utilization. This is the closely guarded secret in more detail:

Solar Gatherers: These boards are generally made of solar warm authorities, which contain an intensity retaining material that catches daylight and converts it into nuclear power. There are two sorts of solar gatherers: level plate authorities and emptied tube gatherers. Level plate gatherers are the most well-known and are utilized for private applications.

Heat Move Framework: A siphon circles an intensity move liquid (frequently a combination of water and glycol) between the solar gatherers and the water storage tank. This liquid conveys the intensity from the authorities to the tank.

Storage Tank: The warmed exchange liquid goes through an intensity exchanger inside the storage tank, moving the intensity to the water. The water in the tank is then prepared for use on a case by case basis.

Smartsolar solar water heater install at Bandar Kinrara Puchong, selangor.-min

Benefits of Solar Water Heaters

Natural Advantages: Solar water heaters are harmless to the ecosystem as they lessen ozone depleting substance outflows and reliance on petroleum derivatives, adding to a cleaner planet.

Energy Investment funds: By saddling the sun’s energy, you can altogether lessen your power or gas bills, as solar energy is free and inexhaustible.

Energy Freedom: Solar water heaters give a degree of energy autonomy. You’re less dependent on outer energy sources, diminishing your weakness to energy cost changes.

Low Working Expenses: When introduced, the working expenses of a solar water heater are insignificant. Routine support is straightforward and economical.

Life span: Solar water heaters have a more drawn out life expectancy than conventional water heaters, which frequently should be supplanted each 10-15 years.

Impetuses and Refunds: Numerous legislatures and utilities offer monetary motivations and discounts to property holders who introduce solar water heaters, making them much more savvy.

Sorts of Solar Water Heaters

Dynamic Solar Water Heaters: These frameworks use siphons or fans to course water or intensity move liquids through the framework. They are more effective yet have higher establishment costs.

Detached Solar Water Heaters: Inactive frameworks depend on regular convection to move water or liquids through the authorities and into the storage tank. They are less difficult yet less proficient.

Group Solar Water Heaters: Otherwise called fundamental gatherer storage (ICS) frameworks, these comprise of a tank with a connected authority. They are straightforward and savvy yet may not be reasonable for cold environments.

Direct versus Circuitous Frameworks: Direct frameworks circle consumable water through the gatherers, while roundabout frameworks utilize an intensity move liquid to by implication heat the water in the tank.

Picking the Right Solar Water Heater

Choosing the right solar water heater for your home relies upon different variables, including your environment, hot water use, and spending plan. It’s urgent to work with a certified solar installer who can survey your particular necessities and give suggestions. A few contemplations while picking a solar water heater include:

Environment: Your neighborhood environment and how much daylight your area gets will affect the framework’s productivity.

Water Quality: The hardness and mineral substance of your water can influence the framework’s exhibition, so water treatment might be fundamental.

Framework Size: The size of the framework ought to match your family’s hot water requests. An expert installer can assist you with deciding the proper size.

Direction and Concealing: Guarantee that the solar gatherers are accurately arranged and liberated from concealing to augment energy ingestion.

Financial plan and Impetuses: Think about your financial plan, yet additionally investigate accessible motivators and refunds to balance the underlying speculation.

Establishment and Upkeep

Appropriate establishment is vital to the presentation and life span of your solar water heater. A certified installer will guarantee the framework is accurately estimated, situated, and associated. Ordinary upkeep is additionally crucial for keep your framework running productively. Upkeep regularly includes checking for spills, investigating the authority, and confirming the activity of siphons and controls.

A solar water heater is a shrewd, harmless to the ecosystem decision for any property holder hoping to decrease energy charges and limit their carbon impression. By tackling the force of the sun to warm water, these frameworks offer long haul cost investment funds and add to a more maintainable future. While thinking about a solar water heater for your home, talk with an expert installer to guarantee the right situation for your requirements, and partake in the many advantages of solar energy.

Solar water heater benefits and advantages for home use

Solar water heaters are a well known and maintainable choice for heating water in homes. Saddling the energy of the sun, these systems offer various benefits and advantages. In this article, we will investigate the vital advantages of solar water heater for home use.

Cost reserve funds: One of the essential advantages of solar water heater is the potential for huge expense reserve funds. By using free energy from the sun, property holders can diminish their dependence on traditional energy sources, like power or gas, bringing about lower service bills. Albeit the underlying venture for introducing a solar water radiator might be higher than customary water heating systems, the drawn out investment funds can offset the forthright expenses.

Energy proficiency: Solar water heaters are profoundly energy-proficient contrasted with regular water heating techniques. They convert solar energy into heat without consuming extra fuel, pursuing them a harmless to the ecosystem decision. By using environmentally friendly power, solar water heaters assist with diminishing ozone harming substance outflows, adding to a greener and more supportable future.

Environmentally friendly power source: Solar power is an environmentally friendly power source, and that implies it is normally renewed and won’t ever run out. By utilizing solar energy to warm water, property holders can lessen their reliance on petroleum derivatives, which are limited assets with destructive natural effects. Solar water heaters give a valuable chance to embrace clean energy and decrease the carbon impression of a home.

Freedom from the lattice: Solar water heaters offer a level of energy freedom. Since they work utilizing daylight, property holders are less dependent on the electrical lattice or other energy providers. This is especially gainful in regions with problematic or costly power, as solar water heaters can give a dependable wellspring of boiling water in any event, during blackouts or in far off areas.

Solidness and life span: Solar water heaters are dependable, with numerous systems having a life expectancy of 20 years or more. The parts of solar water heaters are intended to endure brutal atmospheric conditions, guaranteeing solid activity over a drawn out period. While conventional water heaters frequently require support and new parts, solar water heater by and large have less upkeep needs, bringing about long haul cost reserve funds.

Government impetuses and refunds: In numerous nations, states offer motivating forces and discounts to support the reception of solar water heaters. These motivations can fundamentally diminish the underlying venture cost, making solar water heaters an all the more monetarily suitable choice for property holders. Moreover, a few districts offer tax breaks or great funding choices, further upgrading the financial benefits of introducing a solar water heating framework.

Expanded property estimation: Introducing a solar water radiator can build the worth of a home. As additional individuals become mindful of the benefits of sustainable power, solar-prepared homes are frequently viewed as more alluring and ecologically cognizant. A solar water heating framework can be an alluring selling moment that putting a property available, possibly drawing in additional expected purchasers and expanding the general worth of the home.

Diminished water heating carbon impression: Water heating is a huge supporter of family fossil fuel byproducts. By utilizing solar energy to warm water, property holders can decrease their carbon impression and alleviate the ecological effect of their day to day exercises. This is especially significant as the world endeavors to battle environmental change and progress to cleaner energy sources.

Adaptability and versatility: Solar water heating systems come in different sizes and designs, making them reasonable for various family sizes and boiling water requests. Whether you live in a little loft or a huge family home, there is a solar water heating arrangement that can meet your particular requirements. Furthermore, solar water heaters can be coordinated with existing water heating systems, considering a mixture approach that consolidates solar energy with other energy sources whenever required.

Low support necessities: Solar water heaters have generally low upkeep prerequisites contrasted with customary water heating systems. The parts are intended to be strong and require insignificant consideration over their life expectancy. Routine assessments and periodic cleaning of solar boards are normally adequate to keep the framework running proficiently.

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即热式热水器在马来西亚是属于比较普遍的款式。 大致上它可以分成‘有Pump’ 还是 ‘没有 Pump’。 品牌方面呢多数人使用的有 Panasonic, Alpha, Joven或Elba, 比较贵的品牌就有Electrolux。 其实‘没有品牌’ 的热水器在市场上也很常见。 大致上的价钱都介于在 RM 200-1000之间。


它们之间有什么不同? 其实以现在的科技, 即热热水器大致上在功能都没什么差异化. 要比较安心的, 当然买大品牌比较好。

到底有什么 好处 可以让这款热水器那么 畅销?

1.多数 发展商已经早就把浴室设计好 所以你没法选择。
2. 简单安装, 就连学徒也可以安装。
3. 用多少 付多少的电费 。


但是 ‘它的坏处’ 就是 :

1. 整个装在浴室里, 显得 凌乱, 比较没那么美观, 感觉像廉价酒店。
2. 水压不一致 突然大小就会导致热水不热或过热, 让你不能好好享受你的沐浴时光。
3. 比较有 触电的可能性. 一般插座都 没防水设计.虽然大多数热水器, 都有漏电保护,ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker), 还有叫什么ELB (Electric Leakage Breaker), ELSD, EELS. 不过如果家里的地线有问题, 这些漏电保护全都失效,没用。
4. 电源插座的电流应该是25A, 不是13A 或 15A 来适合3.8kW的额定功率。




所以在这边也呼吁大家, 用电热器的 记得记得要每三个月都要检测那个RCCB。很简单!你只需按T字键。如果家里全部断电, 这个表示漏电保护正常运作。 如果不能的话, 就要马上叫电工修理。

检查 RCCB及按T字按键.

2.桶装热水器也是另外一种热水器但是这款就会比较少见因为 一般都是安装在ceilling 上面。而通常这个热水桶可以储存25L, 35L或50L的热水而已。


什么 好处呢?

1. 比较安全, 你可以先把热水器 ‘打开’ 等到你要冲凉时, 把它‘关上’ 这样就可以减少漏电危险.
2. 里面的温度都一样,冲凉时水温比较稳定,不会忽冷忽热。
3. 隐藏在天花板顶部的热水器, 你不会看到满墙都是水管, 电线. 更加像五星级酒店
4. 一部机的热水还可以 多方面提供不同的房间例如: 浴室, 洗手盆, 洗衣机。



1. 一热就要热整桶热水,导致没用完的热水造成 浪费及 需付更高的水电费
2. 要冲个凉还必须先预热而且但你超过热水用量,洗到一半就要被逼洗冷水
3. 还有, 你必须 预先要埋好热水管在墙壁里。 当然啦,这一款需要多花一点安装费。

问题 : 电费高, 需等待洗澡和预先安装热管道。

“终结来说, 即热热水器好的方面在简单安装和便宜, 但就不是那么安全, 桶装的就好像比较好, 比较安全但是物价及安装费就比较高!”


“到底有没有一款热水器是可以 :

• 又省钱
• 又美观
• 又不要浪费
• 又可以有大容量热水
• 最重要的是 ‘安全’


再加上我可以让你长年 省下超过RM20千。

你要吗 ?????

3. 太阳能热水器 是最好的选择。在马来西亚太阳是免费的. 利用太阳能制造热水, 根本都不需要用电!


什么是太阳能热水器? 它有什么好处?

1. 不用电, 让你 长年来省下RM20千 告诉我,有什么电器可以这样帮你省钱?
2. 不用电, 当然会更 安全, 不用怕漏电的危险。
3. 不用电, 24 小时热水, 一‘打开’就有热水可以用 , 而且容量至少可达到150 公升 到300 公升。足够一家大小享受。


1.跟桶式一样, 它必须 预先安装热水管道


虽然你要额外安装热水管道, 但是 这款热水器至少可以耐15年以上,而且三年多就可以回本。 最重要的是它 不用电, 比较安全, 还可以更环保。 很值得投资的。

你看, 我会说是 投资 不是购买, 因为投资是可以赚回,

购买是你花了就没有了, 分分钟还要维修保养.


答案是 “两者都行, 没问题。”



Which ‘Home Use’ Water Heater Better?


Water Heater
Is BEST For Your Home?

1. Instant Water Heater is the most common type of water heater in Malaysia. Basically it can be divided into ‘Pump’ type and ‘Without Pump’ type. There are many brands such as Panasonic, Alpha, Joven, Elba, or more expensive brand like Electrolux. ‘No brand’ water heater can also be found in the market. Overall the price varies around RM 200-1000.

Type of instant water heater.

What are differences between them? With current technology, the hot water heater have not much differences in function. To be more secure, of course, it is better to buy the ‘BRANDED’ water heater.

What are the ADVANTAGES that makes the Instant Water Heater SO POPULAR?

1. Most housing developer design the bathroom like that, you have no choice.
2. Simple installation, junior electrician can also install it.
3. Only Pay for the hot water you Use.

See, most of developer design the bathroom like that.

But the ‘ISSUE’ is that :

1. The whole thing is in the bathroom, it looks messy, and feels like budget hotel.
2. Inconsistent water pressure will cause hot water to suddenly become too hot, experiencing yourself in bad hot shower.
3. There is risk of electrocution. The sockets are not splash-proof. Although most water heaters have leakage protection like ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker), ELB (Electric Leakage Breaker), ELSD and/or EELS, however, if your home has problem with grounding system, all these leakage protections are useless.
4. Overload burn! Instant Water Heater Power socket should be 25A, not 13A or 15A because 3.8KW is drawing 16A current.

Messy wiring, piping, look like budget hotel

Socket should be splash-proof.

It should be 25A rated current power socket to avoid overload.

For safety, I suggest everyone here that uses instant water heater to check the RCCB every three months. It is very simple. Just press the ‘T’ word. If all the power is cut off at home, this means that the leakage protection (grounding system) works normally. If it is not, you should call certified wire-man to repair it immediately.

Check the RCCB and press the ‘T’ button.

2. Storage Water Heater is the second option but we seldom see and use. It is usually installed on the ceiling. It has an insulated hot water tank that can stores up to 25L, 35L, and 50L of hot water.

Type of storage water heater.

What is the ADVANTAGES?

1. It’s safer, you can turn the water heater ‘ON’ first before you take shower, and turn ‘OFF’ when you want to take shower. so there is less danger of electricity leakage.
2. The temperature inside the storage tank is constant, it won’t have issue of sudden too cold or too hot.
3. Water heater hidden on top of the ceiling, no messy wiring and piping expose. Feel more elegant like five-star hotel.
4. Hot water can be supplied to multiple rooms, such as bathrooms, sinks and washing machines with just a unit of storage water heater.

Feel more elegant like five-star hotel.


1. It will need to heat the whole tank of water and the unused hot water will cause wastage and higher utility bills.
2. You must turn on the water heater first and then wait only can take bath. It cannot be used on demand.
3. Also, you must have pre-installed hot water pipe (piping system). And it will costs more to install compared to instant water heater.

Issue : High Bill, Wait for bath and Pre-installed hot piping.

“The storage tank type is better because it is safer, bathroom look more elegant but more wastage. The instant water heater is good, simple to install, cheap, but it is not so safe.”

I am sure you will ask me,

“Is there any water heater that :

• Saves money
• Looks nice
• Does not have wastage
• Large-capacity tank
• Most importantly ‘SAFE’


If I add another benefit to you, you can even save more than RM20 thousand.

GOOD Enough ?????

3. SMART SOLAR WATER HEATER is the best option. Sunlight is free in Malaysia. Using sun, the water can be heat without using electricity!

Solar Hot Water Heater.

What is the solar water heater ADVANTAGES?

1. No electricity usage, you can save more than RM 20 thousand in years to come. Tell me, what other appliances can help you save money?
2. No electricity usage, of course, it will be safer, so you don’t have to worry for any electricity leakage.
3. No electricity usage, 24 hours hot water, hot water can be used as soon as it is turned ‘ON’, and the capacity is at least 150 liters to 300 liters. Enough for your whole family to enjoy.


1. Like the storage tank, it must have a pre-installed hot water pipe.

Best Investment for Safety, Saving Money & Saving Environment.

Although you have to install additional hot water pipes, you can use the solar water heater for at least 15 years, and you can gain its return (ROI) around three years. The most important thing is that it does not use electricity, is safer, and environmental friendly too. Always worthy of investing.

You see, I am saying that this is an INVESTMENT and NOT PURCHASE, because you can always gain profit from investing.

Purchasing on the other hand will cost you money, and the product needs maintenance after sometimes.

“Is this heater suitable for new house or already lived in?

The answer is “Both can, no problem.”

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Prevent Shower Electrocution


How to Prevent
Shower Electrocution

Water heaters can be found in many Malaysian homes. It’s a convenient way to get a hot shower, but it can also be a dangerous electrocution hazard.

In August 2016, Malaysians were shocked by news about a 19-year old student who died from electrocution while taking a shower at her home in Seremban 2.

Although the reason for the accident was never identified as the instant water heater, it is possible for such appliances to cause electrocution.

Type of Electrical Water Heaters

1. Storage Water Heater

It heats up water in a tank, and is usually installed in the ceiling above your bathroom. The hot water is kept until you need it for your shower.

2. Instant Water Heater

Known as a tankless heater, and since it does not have a water tank, it takes up less space in the house.

Dangers of electrical water heaters

Water heaters can be a dangerous hazard if not installed or maintained properly. If the thermostat fails, the water can become too hot, and cause severe burns. It can also be a fire risk.

Also, since electricity is used to power the heating elements, it can be an electrocution risk if the electricity is not isolated from the water that flows on your body when you shower.

Safety Advice When Choosing Water Heaters

The Malaysian Energy Commission (Suruhanjaya Tenaga Malaysia) has advised homeowners to replace water heaters that are more than 10 years old as those older models do not meet the latest safety requirements.

For storage water heaters, look for those that come with plastic-based inlet/outlet isolation barriers. This innovative device, which has been made mandatory since April, is to limit the amount of leaked current that enters or leaves the circuit, and to prevent electrical accidents.

As for instant water heaters, the new models are now fitted with a built-in 15 miliamps (mA) residual current device, which detects the leak of dangerous current caused by defective equipment.

How to Test Your Water Heater Safety

1. Don’t install a water heater yourself if you are not trained.
2. Check the TEST button on your instant water heater once a month.

“To test this, your instant water heater will come with a button on the side marked “TEST” or “ELCB” (Earth leakage circuit breaker). Turn on the switch outside the bathroom (so that the water heater light is on), then press this button. You should hear a click, and the power to the heater will be cut off. That means it is working.”

3. Inspect for loose cabling.
4. Test your house fuse box regularly.

“Open the RCCB cover, and you should see a large “TEST” button. Similar to the ELCB on the water heater, push this button once a month to see if the switches trip, and the power supply cuts off. If power to the house is not cut off when the button is pushed, call an electrician to check it.”

5. Avoid pointing the shower at the water heater casing.

That is why you & your family need a
Healthy & Safe
Hot Water Heater

Solar Water Heater Usage does not require you to test either ELCB or RCCB due to the fact that no electricity involved in heat production.

It uses the solar energy from the sun to generate heat (not electricity) which can then be used to heat water for showering, space heating, industrial processes or even solar cooling.

In the mean time, YOU can :

• Save up to RM 20000.
• Be safe from electrocution.
• Enjoy 24 hours daily hot water.
• Save the environment.

“Let the sun pay for your bill!”

Replace Your
Instant Water Heater
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Check ELCB Water Heater


How to check Water Heater ELCB+RCCB?

In recent years, we have found that many people have accidentally died due to problems with the water heater. How can we reduce the risk of accidents?

There are many precautions when purchasing an electric water heater. The most important thing is to ensure that there is an Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) in the water heater. Regular inspections, including the use of the situation, detection of leakage and leakage, etc., can ensure the safety of home use. In addition, the water heater should be replaced with a new one after 7 years of use, because the safe water heater will have a certain crisis with time and various factors.

“Long-term use, the machine liner may have scale, affecting internal operations, the water pipe will become smaller and the water no longer hot. Furthermore, some internal parts also have the risk of aging, the grounding wire is broken or bitten by the mouse.Thus, it is difficult to find the cause with the naked eye.”

ELCB inspection method 1:

1. Press the water heater test “TEST” button first, the water heater light is OFF, indicating that it actively cuts off the current supply.
2. Wait a moment, press the reset “RESET” button and the light will be ON again.
3. This means that ELCB/ELB is not broken/damaged and can be used. If the light is still on after pressing “TEST”, it means the breaker is out of order.

ELCB inspection method 2:

1. According to the ELCB/ELB of the water heater, if the hot water and the water pump are interrupted, only the ordinary water flow, indicating that the water heater has no leakage, the leakage circuit breaker is operating normally, and the water heater can be used with confidence.
2. Push the fallen ELCB/ELB back to the original place, the water heater can be operated as usual to restore the hot water supply.
3. If ELCB/ELB is pressed but it won’t fall, furthermore, hot water and water pump continue to be supplied and operated, it means that ELCB may have problems, so please contact the technician immediately.

In addition to ELCB, consumers also need to periodically check the Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB). First, press the T-letter button to test whether the circuit breaker that was originally facing up will automatically trip or the home appliance will automatically go out. If the home appliance is automatically turned off, the RCCB will operate normally.

If the home appliance does not automatically turn off or the circuit breaker does not trip, it represents a fault in the circuit breaker. Do not use any electrical appliances in your home, especially water heaters, electric kettles and electrical products containing metals. Seek qualified electrical technicians right away.

What you need to know before purchasing a water heater.

1. Adhere to the brand of water heaters that have built-in ELCB leakage circuit breakers.
2. Water heaters must use insulated water pipes. Do not buy water heaters that use metal showers and hoses.
3. It must be ensured that the hot water machine is SIRIM certified.
4. The waterproof function data of the case is IP25 or IPX5.
5. Choose a brand with credit and pay attention to the product warranty period.

Electric water heater SAFE USE REMINDER.

1. Do not install or repair the water heater by yourself. You must find a professional electrician.
2. Install a two-pole circuit breaker outside the bathroom. As a dedicated power switch for the electric water heater, be sure to use separate lines and sockets.
3. Install the water heater at the height of an adult. Average height is Eye Level. If the position is too high, it is difficult to control the button of the water heater. Too low, then it is easy to let the heater itself wets.
4. Perform an ELCB leakage check between two weeks to one month to prevent leakage.
5. Conduct 4 RCCB test leakage circuit breaker inspections a year to ensure that the grounding device in the home is in good working condition.
6. When using, it is recommended to slowly increase the temperature to prevent burns.
7. If you buy a second-hand house, you should ask a professional electrician to check the circuit at home before the decoration.
8. When an electric shock occurs, disconnect the power switch for the first time.


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Hot Water Piping Solution


You can now ENJOY the benefit of
Smart Solar Hot Water System
Even if you don’t have hot water piping!!!

Your Question :

1. “My house just finished renovation, I don’t want to do any hot piping work.”
2. “I use the instant water heater, how can I change to this?”
3. “I don’t want any heavy hacking wall job in my house and I don’t want to change my tiles.”

So, in order to let YOU enjoy the benefit of :

• Saving up to RM 20000
• Safe from electrocution
• Enjoy 24 hours daily hot water
• Saving the environment

Here is the GOOD NEWS :

• No Hacking.
• No Replacing Tiles.

In contrast, you just need to pay for the workmanship, and we make sure you can enjoy the hot water bath like you always get at any 5 STAR Hotel.

And you can get one LUXURY SHOWER SET

@Super Low Price In Market

5⋆ Hotel Screen Shower

Now, you can enjoy your bath by adjusting left or right for the warm and cold water, like a 5 Star Hotel feeling. Furthermore, it comes with 5 bath mode:

• Rain shower
• Waterfall shower
• Back massage shower
• Hand-held shower
• Water tap


Customers’ Testimonies

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You Save Up To RM 20,000


Do you know that
You can Get Extra 26K Rebate,
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Before we start, let me ask you some question.
What electronic device, when you buy for your home can make you earn money?
TV? Air-con? Fan? Light?

Opps…when you buy them…..the price will instantly drop because they are considered second hand unit. Plus, you need to pay for its electrical bill.

• What is the device that can help you to earn money?
• No need electricity to operate?
• Does not require maintenance and its can work properly?

The Answer…is…


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Hot Water System
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• If you are in renovation period…
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“You are in the Right Place”
See Here how much it will save you in long run !

How Much You Can Save?

Assuming there is 5 person, One person bath time is approximately 15 minute, your instant water heater is 3.8KW in electricity usage.

(Figure 01: TNB Tariff Rates, Figure 02: Calculation)

Figure 01

Figure 02


You only spend RM 5988 and still manage to gain RM 20K..
and the important part is you still gain :

1. More Safety

Safer compare to instant water heater. Using sunlight to boil water means no electricity current needed. Means safe from electric shock. Electrocution is fatal; it means to kill with electricity.

2. More Comfort

Since Malaysia have abundant of sunlight throughout the year, It means Hot Water is always ready for 24 hours usage due to the thermos storage tank.You can enjoy constant hot water bath even electricity break down without worrying about the electricity bills.

3. Go Green

We have responsibility to our environment. Although it seems like it is not related to us, but we are living together on this earth. By using the sunlight energy, I am sure we can contribute on going green to our lovely Country, Malaysia.

4. More Lasting & Reliable

We are using high grade of corrosion resistance metal that makes the storage tank can last over 15 years of service lifespan.

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