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Troubleshooting Common Issues and Maintenance

Solar Water Heater Service and Repair

Solar Water Heater

Solar water heaters are an eco-friendly and cost-effective for giving boiling water to your home. Be that as it may, similar to some other machine, they might experience issues over the long haul, requiring proficient service and repair.

Common Solar Water Heater Issues

This diagram reveals insight into the normal issues with solar water heaters and the services proposed

Solar Heater Not Hot:

One of the most well-known issues with solar water heaters is the framework not creating high temp water true to form. This could result from issues with the solar boards, warming component, or indoor regulator. Prepared experts can review the whole framework to recognize the underlying driver and give the fundamental repairs.

Solar Heater Leaking:

Water leaking in the solar water heater can prompt decreased proficiency and possible harm. Breaks can happen in the tank, boards, or lines. Brief break discovery and repair are fundamental to forestall further harm and water wastage

Spare Parts Issue:

Getting certified spare parts for solar water heaters can be a test. Trustworthy service suppliers in the referenced regions can offer dependable extra parts, including warming components, indoor regulators, pressure temperature valves, actually look at valves, non-return valves, funneling and fittings, solar heater tanks, and solar heater boards.


Backup Heater Not Working:

Solar water heaters frequently have a Backup warming framework, regularly controlled by power or gas. In the event that the reinforcement heater neglects to work, it nullifies the point of having a dependable high temp water supply. Proficient service suppliers can investigate and repair reinforcement warming frameworks to guarantee steady high temp water accessibility.

Buying New Solar Water Heater:

At times, in the event that the solar water heater faces unsalvageable harm or becomes obsolete, purchasing another one might be the best arrangement. Service suppliers can help property holders in picking the right solar water heater that meets their requirements and spending plan.

Hot Water No Pressure:

Low water pressure from the solar water heater can be a baffling issue. Specialists can investigate the framework, including valves and lines, and resolve issues influencing the water pressure.

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Should Have

Temperature Display

Should Have

Automatic Heater Booster

Should Have

Easy to install & work independently

Should Have

Strong Build Structure

Should Eliminate

Copper Toxic

Sediment & Scale

Can be drain out easily

Increase Sunlight

Exposure Area

Minimized Heat Loss

Over Solar Collector


Heat Transfer Efficiency


Hot Water Overnight

Use High Grade

Corrosion Resistance Metal


A Close Loop System


Human Error in Tank Welding


Anti Corrosion Agent



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