Could it be said that you are attempting to choose if solar water heaters are worth the investment? They have a lot of advantages, and for certain individuals (residential) or business (commercial), they might be a preferable choice over conventional solar panels.

Cost Saving. Need fewer solar water heater panels. Great for investment.

Save The Environment. Reduce your electric bills for a lower initial cost.

Save Electricity Bills. Average 50% reduction in water-heating electricity use.

High efficiency. About 80 percent of the sun’s radiation is turned into the heat energy needed to obtain hot water at home.

Space Saving. More efficient than traditional solar panels. Only requires one to three solar water heater panels.


We believe, HEALTHY is the MOST IMPORTANT aspect

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Since Malaysia have abundant of sunlight throughout the year, It means Hot Water is always ready for 24 hours usage due to the thermos storage tank. You can enjoy constant hot water bath even electricity break down without worrying about the electricity bills.

Safer compare to instant water heater. Using sunlight to boil water means no electricity current needed. Means safe from electric shock. Electrocution is fatal; it means to kill with electricity.

We are using high grade of corrosion resistance metal that makes the storage tank can last over 15 years of service lifespan. Cost saving up to RM20,000.00.

Smart Solar Water Heater.

Re-Design to suit Malaysian.

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Advantages of Solar Water Heaters

The advantages go beyond expense cost saving and the accessibility of free energy, which are likewise acknowledged with solar electric systems. The following are a couple of extraordinary advantages of home solar water heating systems that might persuade you to redesign your home or office.

Less space:

Solar heater panels are typically less space-concentrated than photovoltaic boards. Less are expected to warm water than in a cluster used to deliver adequate power for a home.

High productivity:

Around 80% of the sun's radiation is transformed into the intensity energy expected to get heated water at home.

Save for environment:

The world is accepting 'green' and there is no greener energy than solar panels. They have no dependency on fuels, have zero-emission, and lower carbon footprints.


Cost saving:

The expense of a few boards is less expensive than bigger homegrown establishments. You additionally save money on fuel bills for providing gas heating systems

Low Maintenance:

After establishment, little upkeep is required, and a solar water warmer can run for as long as 20 years.

Lower carbon impression:

A home can be eco-more amicable, in addition to burden motivations might be accessible for utilizing environmentally friendly power.

Decision of size:

Legitimate estimating is fundamental, as house owner should have sufficient capacity to meet 90 to 100% of their heated water needs. Capacity volume is likewise a thought. A 50-to 60-gallon capacity tank is fine for up to three individuals, a 80-gallon tank for up to four individuals, and a bigger one for upwards of six individuals. depends whether it is for residential or commercial solar water heater needs.

Residential and Commercial

Solar Water Heater System

360° Sunlight Collector

High efficiency even in cloudy day

No Copper Toxic

Healthy hot water

Smart Solar Controller

LCD display with auto heater

316L Stainless Steel

Marine grade standard


Solar Water Heating Solution

Solar water heater requires an underlying investment yet is generally a superior option for heating water. The main thing we want to recall is the right number of solar boards to meet the fitting prerequisites of heating at your home.

It is fitting to interface with experts for solar water heating mounting. On the off chance that you are searching for a specialist solar water heater in Malaysia, you ought to make a stride towards the Resident Solar. They are a perceived solar water heater provider, known for offering first rate quality and administration.

There are many advantages to utilizing a solar water heating system. Installers can actually take a look at the rooftop to check whether it can uphold the solar heater. They can likewise take a gander at concealing and different variables that could influence professionalism.

Certified solar heater installers can likewise assist you with getting more out of the system. Notwithstanding a more ideal design, they could possibly upgrade rooftop space so water heating components can be joined with photovoltaic systems. Power from these can add to extra heating limit. As a matter of fact, consolidating various kinds of boards adds to a serious level of energy efficiency.

Solar water heaters enjoy their benefits and disadvantages, yet they are dependable and effective. Arranging and appropriate establishment assist house owner with taking advantage of them and keep away from a portion of the disadvantages while receiving every one of the rewards the right system and estimate can manage.

smart solar water heater malaysia (kuala Lumpur)

About SmartSolar

We are a team of 6 people with a combined five years’ experience. Before now we found a lot of issue with the old flat panel solar system which was introduced in Malaysia around 1980.

Using this old device, we noticed it has many defect which includes, the efficiency of collector is low, water are warm or in rooms temperature when cloudy day, water leaking cause by poor structuring or too many joint between the collector and tank, corrosion in copper pipe forming scale and sediment over the tank and collector, copper toxic that may harm our health. It requires high maintenance, and the last but not the least, it is an old technology at higher price.

With these problems, we saw the need for modernization in the solar hot water system in the country. With the urge for this immediate change, we decided to design a new solar hot water system which eliminated all the issues stated above. We jointly researched for more than two years to make this new and unique evacuated tube hot solar water heater, and fortunately this is the latest design best solar hot water system today.

At Smart Solar, our hot water systems are uniquely designed to work safe, efficiently, healthy and to last. Our components and products are produced using only the highest quality materials to ensure that our clients constantly get the best value for their money. We understand that health and safety are very important, hence we have made our solar systems for just that. Smart solar hot water systems maximization to the very most out of the come with sun. It is a top range thermal collector with unrivaled reliability. Plus you get electric boosters to ensure that you won't run out of hot water with our ever reliable smart solar controller.

Our Mission is to provide you with the perfect amount of clean and hygiene hot water on demand anytime you need it, for the lowest cost possible.











Should Have

Temperature Display

Should Have

Automatic Heater Booster

Should Have

Easy to install & work independently

Should Have

Strong Build Structure

Should Eliminate

Copper Toxic

Sediment & Scale

Can be drain out easily

Increase Sunlight

Exposure Area

Minimized Heat Loss

Over Solar Collector


Heat Transfer Efficiency


Hot Water Overnight

Use High Grade

Corrosion Resistance Metal


A Close Loop System


Human Error in Tank Welding


Anti Corrosion Agent


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Solar Water Heater

What Hi-Tech machine we use to produce the Durable Smart Solar Water Heater. Figure it out yourself !

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