Which ‘Home Use’ Water Heater Better?

Water Heater
Is BEST For Your Home?

1. Instant Water Heater is the most common type of water heater in Malaysia. Basically it can be divided into ‘Pump’ type and ‘Without Pump’ type. There are many brands such as Panasonic, Alpha, Joven, Elba, or more expensive brand like Electrolux. ‘No brand’ water heater can also be found in the market. Overall the price varies around RM 200-1000.

Type of instant water heater.

What are differences between them? With current technology, the hot water heater have not much differences in function. To be more secure, of course, it is better to buy the ‘BRANDED’ water heater.

What are the ADVANTAGES that makes the Instant Water Heater SO POPULAR?

1. Most housing developer design the bathroom like that, you have no choice.
2. Simple installation, junior electrician can also install it.
3. Only Pay for the hot water you Use.

See, most of developer design the bathroom like that.

But the ‘ISSUE’ is that :

1. The whole thing is in the bathroom, it looks messy, and feels like budget hotel.
2. Inconsistent water pressure will cause hot water to suddenly become too hot, experiencing yourself in bad hot shower.
3. There is risk of electrocution. The sockets are not splash-proof. Although most water heaters have leakage protection like ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker), ELB (Electric Leakage Breaker), ELSD and/or EELS, however, if your home has problem with grounding system, all these leakage protections are useless.
4. Overload burn! Instant Water Heater Power socket should be 25A, not 13A or 15A because 3.8KW is drawing 16A current.

Messy wiring, piping, look like budget hotel

Socket should be splash-proof.

It should be 25A rated current power socket to avoid overload.

For safety, I suggest everyone here that uses instant water heater to check the RCCB every three months. It is very simple. Just press the ‘T’ word. If all the power is cut off at home, this means that the leakage protection (grounding system) works normally. If it is not, you should call certified wire-man to repair it immediately.

Check the RCCB and press the ‘T’ button.

2. Storage Water Heater is the second option but we seldom see and use. It is usually installed on the ceiling. It has an insulated hot water tank that can stores up to 25L, 35L, and 50L of hot water.

Type of storage water heater.

What is the ADVANTAGES?

1. It’s safer, you can turn the water heater ‘ON’ first before you take shower, and turn ‘OFF’ when you want to take shower. so there is less danger of electricity leakage.
2. The temperature inside the storage tank is constant, it won’t have issue of sudden too cold or too hot.
3. Water heater hidden on top of the ceiling, no messy wiring and piping expose. Feel more elegant like five-star hotel.
4. Hot water can be supplied to multiple rooms, such as bathrooms, sinks and washing machines with just a unit of storage water heater.

Feel more elegant like five-star hotel.


1. It will need to heat the whole tank of water and the unused hot water will cause wastage and higher utility bills.
2. You must turn on the water heater first and then wait only can take bath. It cannot be used on demand.
3. Also, you must have pre-installed hot water pipe (piping system). And it will costs more to install compared to instant water heater.

Issue : High Bill, Wait for bath and Pre-installed hot piping.

“The storage tank type is better because it is safer, bathroom look more elegant but more wastage. The instant water heater is good, simple to install, cheap, but it is not so safe.”

I am sure you will ask me,

“Is there any water heater that :

• Saves money
• Looks nice
• Does not have wastage
• Large-capacity tank
• Most importantly ‘SAFE’


If I add another benefit to you, you can even save more than RM20 thousand.

GOOD Enough ?????

3. SMART SOLAR WATER HEATER is the best option. Sunlight is free in Malaysia. Using sun, the water can be heat without using electricity!

Solar Hot Water Heater.

What is the solar water heater ADVANTAGES?

1. No electricity usage, you can save more than RM 20 thousand in years to come. Tell me, what other appliances can help you save money?
2. No electricity usage, of course, it will be safer, so you don’t have to worry for any electricity leakage.
3. No electricity usage, 24 hours hot water, hot water can be used as soon as it is turned ‘ON’, and the capacity is at least 150 liters to 300 liters. Enough for your whole family to enjoy.


1. Like the storage tank, it must have a pre-installed hot water pipe.

Best Investment for Safety, Saving Money & Saving Environment.

Although you have to install additional hot water pipes, you can use the solar water heater for at least 15 years, and you can gain its return (ROI) around three years. The most important thing is that it does not use electricity, is safer, and environmental friendly too. Always worthy of investing.

You see, I am saying that this is an INVESTMENT and NOT PURCHASE, because you can always gain profit from investing.

Purchasing on the other hand will cost you money, and the product needs maintenance after sometimes.

“Is this heater suitable for new house or already lived in?

The answer is “Both can, no problem.”

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