Check ELCB Water Heater

How to check Water Heater ELCB+RCCB?

In recent years, we have found that many people have accidentally died due to problems with the water heater. How can we reduce the risk of accidents?

There are many precautions when purchasing an electric water heater. The most important thing is to ensure that there is an Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) in the water heater. Regular inspections, including the use of the situation, detection of leakage and leakage, etc., can ensure the safety of home use. In addition, the water heater should be replaced with a new one after 7 years of use, because the safe water heater will have a certain crisis with time and various factors.

“Long-term use, the machine liner may have scale, affecting internal operations, the water pipe will become smaller and the water no longer hot. Furthermore, some internal parts also have the risk of aging, the grounding wire is broken or bitten by the mouse.Thus, it is difficult to find the cause with the naked eye.”

ELCB inspection method 1:

1. Press the water heater test “TEST” button first, the water heater light is OFF, indicating that it actively cuts off the current supply.
2. Wait a moment, press the reset “RESET” button and the light will be ON again.
3. This means that ELCB/ELB is not broken/damaged and can be used. If the light is still on after pressing “TEST”, it means the breaker is out of order.

ELCB inspection method 2:

1. According to the ELCB/ELB of the water heater, if the hot water and the water pump are interrupted, only the ordinary water flow, indicating that the water heater has no leakage, the leakage circuit breaker is operating normally, and the water heater can be used with confidence.
2. Push the fallen ELCB/ELB back to the original place, the water heater can be operated as usual to restore the hot water supply.
3. If ELCB/ELB is pressed but it won’t fall, furthermore, hot water and water pump continue to be supplied and operated, it means that ELCB may have problems, so please contact the technician immediately.

In addition to ELCB, consumers also need to periodically check the Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB). First, press the T-letter button to test whether the circuit breaker that was originally facing up will automatically trip or the home appliance will automatically go out. If the home appliance is automatically turned off, the RCCB will operate normally.

If the home appliance does not automatically turn off or the circuit breaker does not trip, it represents a fault in the circuit breaker. Do not use any electrical appliances in your home, especially water heaters, electric kettles and electrical products containing metals. Seek qualified electrical technicians right away.

What you need to know before purchasing a water heater.

1. Adhere to the brand of water heaters that have built-in ELCB leakage circuit breakers.
2. Water heaters must use insulated water pipes. Do not buy water heaters that use metal showers and hoses.
3. It must be ensured that the hot water machine is SIRIM certified.
4. The waterproof function data of the case is IP25 or IPX5.
5. Choose a brand with credit and pay attention to the product warranty period.

Electric water heater SAFE USE REMINDER.

1. Do not install or repair the water heater by yourself. You must find a professional electrician.
2. Install a two-pole circuit breaker outside the bathroom. As a dedicated power switch for the electric water heater, be sure to use separate lines and sockets.
3. Install the water heater at the height of an adult. Average height is Eye Level. If the position is too high, it is difficult to control the button of the water heater. Too low, then it is easy to let the heater itself wets.
4. Perform an ELCB leakage check between two weeks to one month to prevent leakage.
5. Conduct 4 RCCB test leakage circuit breaker inspections a year to ensure that the grounding device in the home is in good working condition.
6. When using, it is recommended to slowly increase the temperature to prevent burns.
7. If you buy a second-hand house, you should ask a professional electrician to check the circuit at home before the decoration.
8. When an electric shock occurs, disconnect the power switch for the first time.


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